The Test Framework

Upon examination of the study schedule and workload at the beginning of any new semester, I often feel overwhelmed and wonder how I am going to complete all the work in between work and raising my son. This semester is no different, however, I know I will get through it step by step as I always do. Just try to breathe. Time management is of the utmost importance and so when I came across an activity to complete called The Test Framework  – (where past 1300 students had shared particular problems they had experienced on this course), I immediately identified with the following issue:


How do I keep up with all the readings and all the activities for this subject around work and my family?


Single parent raising my little man, work 3 days a week in my current career and studying full-time online. Completing 3 subjects this semester. Life is extremely busy!


I am into my third year of study now, so I have managed to gain some great time management and planning skills out of necessity. There has to be some down time to stay sane and still be a good parent. Activities like playing tennis with my son, throwing the footy and walking the dog are a must in my schedule. Lucky I have a great child who makes life a lot easier to do all I have to.


Manage your time productively. If there are moments of waiting such as sitting in traffic, waiting at an appointment or on a lunch-break at work  – make the most of these opportunities to make mental or written to do lists, read that school newsletter or better still always have your textbook and catch up on those chapters you have to read. I do this and I use my iphone alert to remind me when a blackboard session is on, or if it is my son’s tennis lesson that afternoon. Work out at the beginning of semester the times to allocate for study/assignments and stick to it. I have two days a week off and on one of those days I help out for an hour in my son’s class, get groceries done then head home and study! I also ban the T.V for myself during semester and once my son is in bed, I am in study mode again. I am loving Diigo – it is a great tool to save time when searching online to highlight or bookmark sites of interest. This, along with Feedly are just two great time saving resources I have been introduced to throughout this course. I wish I had known about them much earlier in my studies.


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