The Tip of the Iceberg for ICTs


I have arrived at the end of week one and what a week it has been! Although it is a big workload I have to say I am really enjoying this subject and all the new ICT tools I am discovering. I almost wish I had more time to dedicate to exploring the plethora of tools and platforms out there which one can use to find, create, and share relevant information. Upon reflection at the end of week one, I realise I have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of what  I use and know about ICT and what is at our fingertips on the web. This leads to the question:

Where am I situated with ICTs and Pedagogy?

A task for the end of week one was to ascertain where I feel I am up to in terms of ICT in my teaching and where I would like to be by the end of the term. I believe I am currently sitting at investigation and touching on application. By the end of the term I would like to be firmly situated in the application stage, if not having arrived at the integration stage. My endeavour by the end of my degree, is to be firmly grounded in the transformation phase.

I strongly believe in the use of integrating ICTs into classrooms. It is something I indeed want to harness as a teacher, although, up until this point I felt my abilities to really use ICT in an innovative and exciting way were limited. I had ideas but not the high level of skill required to implement them. I had fears of not extending students in upper primary enough from what they already know regarding ICT skills. I am hopeful as I progress through this course, I will gain more confidence and knowledge of all the ICT possibilities for which I can integrate into my future classroom.  The ICT knowledge and skills I have gained thus far (and it is only week one), I envisage will grow further as I progress in this subject. These new skills will greatly enhance my ICT pedagogy into the future, so I may give all the students in my classroom the best chance to prosper in an ever-changing technological age. My goal as an educator using ICT in the classroom, is to encourage all my students to think outside the box and not be afraid to take creative risks. I aim for a learning environment where ICT is integrated across the curriculum, where ‘ the world is our oyster’. There are so many exciting ideas out there and we as teachers need to support one another and build communities to bank and share these ideas. One such blog I came across, outlines some interesting ways for using ICT to support teaching and learning.

Through a previous subject I read about Thomas Friedman, who introduced the concept that the world is flat‘. By this he means the world began to shrink and flatten, under the influence of digital inter-connectivity. I posted the following video which, if you have time to watch, is an interesting discussion and highlights the absolute importance of keeping abreast of technology in today’s globalised world.


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