I am on the Blogging Bandwagon!

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by cambodia4kidsorg

This week we were asked to search online for some inspiring teachers who are sharing their blogs and ideas online. I came across Primary Tech blog site by Kathleen Morris. One of here latest blogs is about ‘The Benefits of Educational Blogging’ which I found very insightful and relevant to myself and other EDC3100 students. She provides a diagram summarising ‘the most powerful educational benefits of blogging and elaborates further on these points. Contained within her blog are videos of her students discussing the advantages of having a classroom blog. Kathleen’s blog has many other great ideas for using ICTs in the primary classroom, along with many other useful posts and resources. I found her blog post entitled ‘Creative Commons Infographic‘ particularly useful and again relevant to our current learning. Within this blog is a link to an instructional guide Kathleen has created for ‘using creative commons images in blog posts’.  The Primary Tech blog site is useful, informative and  is definitely a blog I will continue to follow throughout my teaching journey.

There are a plethora of great teacher blogs out there and I only wish I had the time to explore more of them in detail. Fellow student blogger Kathleen McCallum also found a great ‘sharing teacher’ blog from a teacher in Canada, sharing how her class of 6 year old’s are actively using ICTs in the classroom. Follow Kathleen’s blog to read more about this inspiring work.

Prior to this course blogging is not something I had thought too much about implementing into the classroom. However, I am glad to have discovered the many benefits of blogging in education and most definitely will be embracing all it has to offer in my future teaching career.


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