Phew! Made it to Week 4! Looking forward looking back.

Three little weeks turned out to be some of the most challenging, tiring, yet exciting weeks thus far on my learning journey to become a teacher. I have always been a person who enjoys being creative and rises to a challenge – this subject has certainly ticked those boxes. Before I began this course I thought I had a pretty good handle on ICTs and knew my way around a computer and its software. Well its appropriate to say I had not opened the door to the full potential of the ‘world wide web’.

The past few weeks have changed my mind about the many benefits of blogging both personally and for educational purposes. Teaching is a career of collaboration and sharing of ideas with other teachers. I have discovered that blogging is in fact an ideal facilitator for this collaboration. Another great collaborative online resource for sharing of ideas is Pintrest. Check out Alison Jackson’s blog called ‘The wonderful world of Pintrest’ to learn more.

I have also discovered how to make a concept map online which was one of our tasks on the study desk. I used a program called which allows one to create easy, colourful mind maps for your chosen topic. This is my concept map below listing benefits of using ICTs in a Primary setting. Click on the picture for a closer look.



For our first assessment task we had to create an online artefact justifying why to use ICTs in Education. I have in the past made movies on movie maker and created websites using Wix. This course introduced me to programs such as Prezi, Glogster, Weebly and more. Hmmmm I could use what I am familiar with – but where is the challenge in that! After much deliberationI decided to use Prezi. I then was browsing online and came across PowToon and loved it! PowToon is a free online software tool that allows you to create engaging presentations using animation. A combination of the two seemed like a good idea.

So assignment one down and week 4 looming… I am looking forward to engaging further and learning more.






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