The Wonderful World of Scootle

I have to admit I had been briefly introduced to Scootle in a previous subject but had not investigated it fully. Thanks to this course I was given a more indepth look into how Scootle worked. What an amazing resource I had been missing out on! I could absolutely have used this when I was on my pracs. Fellow blogger Anouk who is currently living in China, blogs about Scootle and finds it highly relevant to her and her family, with the ‘boost chinese language learning’ resource. I couldn’t agree more with Anouk that teachers in Australia are certainly lucky to have access to these kinds of resources, to support their teaching.

I particularly love the inclusion of digital resources to support teachers in incorporating Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum. Scootle also provides a community to connect with other teachers. I will definitely be using Scootle in my future teaching journey.


Click on the picture to visit the Scootle website.


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