Playing Catch Up!

My schedule over the school holidays has been nothing less than CRAZY, HECTIC AND CRAMMED! Week one was working full-time for some extra funds while my son holidayed with my parents. Days at work, nights finishing off an assignment for another subject. Unexpected visit from sister in law and niece led to last minute holiday for a few days at the beach with my son, which although hard to fit in, was much needed after not having not had a holiday for three years. The brain had a much needed break from study and my eyes from a computer screen and most importantly some fun with my little man. Back from short break, son back to parents and back to work for a few days, then drive to parents to pick up my son and have Easter break and play catch up with study! So here I am blogging again and slightly stressing with the week ahead of work and two assignments due very soon. I will feel a little like Super Woman if I can pull it all off! Inspired by Kathleen’s blog and the words of Dory- ‘Just Keep Swimming!’


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up!

  1. Hi Kylie,

    I completely understand where you are coming from!! Life is so busy – uni. prac (work for you), kids, groceries, cleaning, cooking……. I could go on. I find it so overwhelming sometimes and it is good to take a break. I am guilty of not finding a good work/study/family balance and have to remind myself that spending time with my children is just as important for me as it is for them. I long for the day when I’ve been a teacher for a few years and all these lesson plans, assessments, units of work etc are second nature (and we don’t have to justify everything and write academic essays).


  2. Hi Anouk
    Yes it can be very overwhelming but it is nice to know there are others in the same boat with similar struggles. I too yearn for the day when I can focus on one career only and yes when planning is second nature. Not to mention being able to have the whole of school holidays with my son. We will get there and it will be all worth it in the end. The thing is I quite enjoy the study and would even more so without all the other pressures in life.
    🙂 Kylie

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