ICTs in the Classroom…more than throwing in a YouTube Video

Within the learning journal we were asked us to look at this link of a Canadian teacher who found a free online tool called ‘Student Treasures’ to publish her students books. The idea took off and soon students from Years 4-8 were publishing books. This allowed all students in the school to have a voice, including ESL students or those with learning disabilities.

I must admit I had come across this many years ago from my Mother who worked in a pre-school setting, where the teacher was sending off children’s books for publishing and creating a real ‘buzz’ of excitement from not only the children, but also their parents. I have also seen first hand the way it caters for students with special needs.

(My own photo)

(My own photo)

My sister has a friend whose son has Downs Syndrome. The book pictured left titled ‘Rusty and Roosty’, came about as a result of a picture story that he created and told to his mother about difference. With the help of his mother and his teacher, his story was able to be published. This is a great example of technologies’ inclusive capacities for all learning abilities.

There are many innovative ways of using ICTs in the classroom to inspire and promote learning. I have unfortunately come across teachers who are not highly skilled in the use of ICTs and so they tend to either try avoid its use as much as possible, or throw in a YouTube video and feel they are then integrating ICTs in the classroom. As a future educator, I feel it is imperative to keep up to speed with the advances in technology and the ICT skills of my students and most importantly to embed ICTs in exciting and innovating ways.


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