“Using Technology to Humanise the Classroom”

‘Using technology to humanise the classroom’…. I loved this quote by Salman Kahn from his TED talk titled ‘Let’s use video to reinvent education’. The Khan Academy is a non-for-profit organisation providing free educational videos for students or teachers anywhere in the world. It is so true that technology has the real potential to ‘humanise the classroom’.

I grew up in an era which meant my Primary school years were very traditional and ‘old school’. By high school technology was just starting to make a very small appearance. I struggled with the way I was taught mathematics and therefore, I became very disengaged with mathematics as a whole. Had I of had access to online assistance such as the Khan Academy, then I may have been able to grasp concepts I had struggled to understand in traditional classroom settings and perhaps even grown to like mathematics as a child.

Like Salman Khan said, ‘sometimes all students needed was to have a bit more time’. So the idea that students can learn at their own pace in their own time by engaging in the Khan academy video’s I think is fabulous! Mathematics has the potential to be a subject all students can get excited about, but unfortunately it is often taught in a boring, monotone way and many students like myself who just need a little more time to work it out before we are moved on, tune out.  I will be trying some of the Khan Academy video’s with my son. It is certainly my aim when I am a teacher to never teach how I was taught, but to appreciate all the learning styles and abilities in my classroom. Using technology wisely can free up time to allow more student to valuable teacher time ratio, for those who need that little more time.



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