Connecting Students Globally – Expanding your PLN

I was having a look around online to see how other teachers were using blogging in their classrooms and I came across this great blog…

‘How to Connect Your Students Globally’ 

This teacher had just returned from the Flat Classroom Conference in Hong Kong and blogs about a key component from the conference – connecting students. She provides inspiration and some highly useful social network links for expanding your PLN and connecting with other teachers across the globe, to collaborate on projects in the classroom. She provides a link if you are looking for a classroom to connect with from a particular city or country, or a list of international teachers who are blogging and/or on Twitter. Another link I found particularly useful from this blog was the ‘Five Tips for Creating a Global Classroom’.

I was so excited to find this blog! This is something I want to be doing in my future classroom as I continue to look for opportunities to expand my PLN. So what is PLN? Personal Learning Networks are the people with whom you interact with to exchange, or share information, usually online. Speaking of expanding my PLN… I came across Courtney’s blog and  she has shared a great resource called – The iTeach Hub. Courtney says – “iTeach Hub is a new website, and is usually updated with news and online resources every day. The aim of this website is to encourage and support people with links to quality educational resources.”

I love this resource and will be glad to add it to my teaching toolkit.

The following video called ‘The Networked Student’ is one of my favourites that demonstrates the benefits students can reap by expanding their PLNs.


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