Take This Lollipop


Take This Lollipop….Whoa! This was scary! I am but one of the few of my friends who does not put any personal information on my Facebook account for this very reason. This may be due to growing up in an error when digital technologies such as mobile phones and internet were not around, or perhaps due to my age, but either way I have always been very careful when it comes to what information I put online. I also have to say I almost did not engage in this experiment due to the fact that it says they will access your profile and friends. I never accept these kinds of links when other friends share, due to my suspicions. Only due to the fact it was Uni related did I agree. You can never be too careful and this clever campaign certainly brings awareness to that in a very direct and impacting way by use of powerful filming techniques and sound effects. I applaud the makers of this video for highlighting an issue that is very real.

I wonder if Take This Lollipop will have any of my friends reconsidering what information they share.


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