Prac Looms

Well prac is looming and I am quite nervous about this one. Whilst I relish the experience of prac, it can be a trying time for me. As a single parent with no family nearby, there are added pressures of trying to arrange getting my son to and from school and arrive at my site early and be able to stay back late if need be. Then there is the element of having to take time off from my current work with no pay, which affects my ability to keep up with my mortgage and somehow get my son to sport commitments after school, plus squeeze lesson planning in there somewhere. The joys! But it will be all worth it one day when I am finally teaching!

This prac I have been allocated a Year 6 class, which is the highest year level I have had thus far, hence the nerves. Equally adding to my fears is the fact I am at an school which uses the International Baccalaureate System. International Baccalaureate schools do not use the C2C but rather, the Year 6 class I have are using the PYP. It is more an inquiry based pedagogy. This is what is causing me some anxiety as it is so foreign to me, having only taught in a state school system before. However, it will be an experience which can only make me a better teacher in the long run.

I met with my mentor last week and he was extremely helpful and organised setting up a google docs for our communication leading up to and during prac. I am still however, overwhelmed by the task ahead. He has asked me to do a maths lesson on my first day and provided me with the unit of inquiry we will be covering called Where we are in place and time, relating to human rights in Australia both in the past and today. We will be exploring the White Australia Policy, Women’s Suffrage and Indigenous Rights. I also found out that while they do have an IWB in the classroom it does not work very well and so he says to not factor that into lessons. The hardest part for me at the moment is lack of time due to working more days than usual to get some extra money, rushing trying to catch up on study and other assignments, which is leaving me with mental blanks when it comes to lesson plan ideas for prac. Hopefully they will  come soon.

It will be a very busy 3 weeks and I hope I have the chance to enjoy it and learn a lot. I gained some solace by reading other students’ blogs who also have Year 6 such as Bec and sfaulds who provides a great link to lesson ideas which I will b e checking out. Hopefully we can support each other with ideas.


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